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About us

Looking for a Church that is following God and not the culture? Gethsemane Church upholds the Lordship of Jesus, the importance of truth, the divine authority of the King James Bible, the beauty of spiritual songs and hymns, the sanctity of life, marriage between one man and one woman, two genders, and the universal love of God, who desires the salvation of all.

We are an independent church, not associated with any particular denomination, dedicated to following the teachings of the Bible. Our belief is that the path to salvation is accessible to all, and we extend a warm welcome to everyone who enters our church.

At the core of our mission is a wholehearted commitment to Jesus. We embrace those who are seeking truth and understanding, offering open arms and a supportive community. Our aim is to embody God's love and compassion, reaching out to our fellow human beings in every possible way. By spreading the gospel, engaging in charitable works and fostering an environment of attentive listening and genuine care, we strive to emulate the example set by Jesus Christ himself.

our Leaders:

Nathan Noyes of Gethsemane Church 600 State St. Pekin IL.
Brent Peak of Gethsemane Church 600 State St. Pekin IL.

Nathan Noyes


Brent Peak


Noah Daniel Noyes of Gethsemane Church 600 State St. Pekin IL.

Noah Noyes

Worship Leader

Judie Noyes of Gethsemane Church Pekin churches

Judie Noyes

Director of Women's Ministry

Tabitha Peak of Gethsemane Church Pekin Churches
Jamie Noyes of Gethsemane Church Pekin Churches

Tabitha Peak

Youth Director

Jamie Noyes

Bus Ministries Director

Tammy Shultz of Pekin Churches Gethsemane
Zelma Hall of Pekin Church Gethsemane

Tammy Schultz

Bus Ministries Director

Zelma Hall

Logistics Cordinator

Founding Pastor and wife


Pastor Frank Noyes, the visionary founder of Gethsemane Independent Church in Pekin, IL, has left a profound legacy. He embarked on his journey as a young man raised on a family farm in Essex, Missouri, where he imbibed the values of hard work and resilience. After completing his high school education, he delved into the realm of sheet-metal work, contributing to significant projects including the Gemini space shuttle.

However, the call to ministry transformed the trajectory of Pastor Noyes' life. He responded to this divine calling by enrolling at Oakland City University in Oakland City, Indiana, where he earned his degree. Furthering his academic pursuits, he completed graduate studies at Bob Jones University. Pastor Noyes' educational endeavors were underscored by his passion for Jesus and his faith in God's Holy Word. A verse he often quoted was Isaiah 8:20: "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."

Pastor Noyes spent a considerable span of his life serving within a denomination as a devoted pastor, offering spiritual guidance and support to those under his care. However, his unique vision led him to embark on a remarkable journey.

In February of 1977, with a fervent desire to establish an independent, King James Bible-believing church in the Pekin area, he founded Gethsemane Church. This endeavor reflected his dedication to fostering a community of faith that resonated with his convictions.

As part of his ministerial achievements, Pastor Noyes' family life was one of total surrender to Christ, leading his family by the example of Biblical action. Together with his beloved wife, Judie, they raised three children and were blessed with four grandchildren. Their home in Pekin was a hub of love, warmth, and shared values.

Pastor Frank Noyes' passing is a poignant moment, marking the conclusion of a life dedicated to God in service, faith, and family. His indomitable spirit and commitment to his beliefs have left an indelible mark on the community he served, and his legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

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